Career Coaching

You Have the Ability to Go Beyond!

You are working in middle to high level management and seeking for external advise to boost your career or are interested to improve your life substantially. I can help you to understand your current situation, your gaps and how to overcome these hurdles. 


Coaching as you need it, when you need it.

What Do I Offer:

As a seasoned coach and experienced middle to higher management professional, I understand the challenges and opportunities that come with advancing in your career. That’s why I offer personalized career coaching to help you unlock your full potential and reach new heights in your professional life. With a focus on your unique needs, strengths, and aspirations, I provide customized guidance and support to help you navigate your career journey with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re seeking to break through a career plateau, change careers, or simply achieve greater success, I’m here to help. Let’s work together to turn your career dreams into reality.

Don’t wait, take the first step towards achieving your career goals and book a meeting with me today!


Unlocking Potential: An Overview of my Coaching Process


I conduct an initial assessment to understand your current situation and identify areas for improvement.

Defined Targets

Together, we collaborate to establish clear and attainable goals that are measurable and specific.

Action Planning

I help you create a targeted action plan with practical deadlines, resource identification, and strategies to overcome obstacles in reaching your targets.


You implement your action plan, with me providing ongoing support and guidance as needed.

Monitoring Progress

I regularly check in with you to track your progress and adjust the action plan as needed.

Reflection and Assessment

I facilitate a reflection on the coaching process and outcomes, helping you to identify areas of strength and areas for further growth.


The coaching process ends with you achieving your defined targets, resulting in improved performance and personal growth.

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